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Not A Shark represents more than just a provocative concept; it symbolizes our commitment to establishing a new breed of company, one that strives to be exceptional.


We firmly believe that there are alternatives to the conventional approaches employed by most companies – alternatives that place emphasis on respect, empowerment, and equitable rewards for all. Our vision encompasses a world in which employees are wholeheartedly invested in the company's triumph, both financially and emotionally, and where partners and clients are treated with empathy and utmost regard.


At NOT A SHARK COMPANY, our objective is to extend this philosophy to various industries, commencing with the realm we are most familiar with: video games. Nevertheless, we aspire to go beyond that. Our mission is to support creators from diverse fields who share our vision of a collaborative and gratifying work environment, spanning music, literature, cinema, animation, and beyond.


By prioritizing the well-being of individuals, we aim to foster the creation of truly meaningful and impactful work that benefits everyone involved.


We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we strive for a more positive future, not just for business but for all facets of life.

Watermark representing a person looking into the distance, in reference to our vision
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